Can you watch TV, listen to songs and play games without wires? Yes. Most Smartphones in the market have built in Wi-Fi capabilities. These same Smartphones are also capable of Wi-Fi roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

You are probably wondering what does this have to do with watching a movie or TV show on your Smartphone. It has everything to do with it. Not only is your Pocket PC a great communication device for business use, but it has the ability to be your entertainment center. Now that Wi-Fi hotspots with high speed data capability are so popular you can watch a short film while waiting to pick your friend up at the airport, or the mall via mobile phone networks.

T-Mobile has installed Wi-Fi hotspots in over 2000 Starbucks locations and in Borders bookstores. You can find free public gateway access points in many lounges and major hotel chains. You never expected so much so soon! It gets even better. Did you know that you can watch TV, movies, videos and listen to Internet radio shows (podcasting) using your Windows media player and pocket PC?

Say goodbye to stress and take a mini-vacation with your pocket PC and Smartphone

Here is you can find a world of relaxation. First say goodbye to being stressed, upset or tired. These are problems of the past, not the present. Now you can transfer audio and video data over the Internet in a continuous stream known as, Streaming Media. This formula for relaxation uses the streaming media capability on your pocket PC or Smartphone.

Many streaming media portals are free to access. You don’t have to drop what you are doing and wait 30 minutes to download a movie onto your pocket PC. With streaming media you have a continuous stream without having to download the entire movie, TV show or video clip. Simply click on a link and you can watch the Pink Panther or your favorite movie on your Pocket PC.

Combine the luxury and comforts of a fine urban life with the secluded wilds of a National Park forest. Take your Pocket PC with you to a Forest resort with Internet high speed connection and enjoy a variety of streaming media that is especially customized for a small screen.

Take a test drive and try out these streaming media websites:

• []. This service is mostly free. If you want to watch feature movies they charge $4.95/ month or $50.00 a year. With this service you get access to 117 live TV stations. If you want some international flavor, you can enjoy broadcasts from over 30 different countries.

• []. Would you like to watch: X-men, The Last Stand, Flight 93, or Superman Returns for free? Here’s what Dave Ipaq has to say about Pocket PC Media, “This is a neat mobile site that will keep you informed and entertained.”

If you find the movies to be quite tasteful, you can donate some money to Pocket PC Media via Paypal. With streaming audio you can watch: Web TV, geek gadget news, short movies, and Internet radio, etc. Many of the streaming media is hosted on Pocket PC Media’s website. They also recommend links to other excellent streaming media websites. Pocket Media’s head office is in the Netherlands, so if you speak Danish, you will enjoy some of their Danish media content too.

With Pocket PC you will be relaxed and connected as you choose from over 50 short movies and new Movie releases that you would otherwise rent from your local Blockbuster video store.

• []. Why not enjoy free streaming radio and short movie clips on a Windows Media website? With this resource you can tune into a wide range of Internet Radio stations for free.

Going into the wilds without the Internet?
Stay connected to civilization with Audio Books

What if you are not connected to the Internet? It could happen if you going on a road trip in the back woods either camping or bird watching. You could get yourself a pair of binoculars and a copy of National Geographic field guide to the birds of North America and start making friends with winged creatures. There won’t be a Starbucks or Borders bookstore anywhere where you will be going. This is the time when subscribing to comes in handy.

For only $14.95 a month, you can download one audio book and one month magazine subscription. If personal growth interests you, why not download Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention, or My Life by Bill Clinton’s audio book onto your Pocket PC. Some samples of magazine subscriptions you can download include: Harvard Business Journal, The Scientific Mind and Forbes magazine. If you are a real streaming media enthusiast, you can capture streaming media on your laptop or PC and then transfer it onto your Pocket PC to enjoy later. There are software programs that can do all of this for you.

Before you forgo access to a free Wi-Fi hotspot and go out in the woods, download your favorite audio book, radio show, or favorite magazine. Give your eyes a much needed rest and listen to content of your choice. Enjoy the streaming audio adventure.